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Brian Leddy Photography

Brian Leddy is a photojournalist with eight years of professional experience. His style is colored by a documentary vision and the studied observations of seasoned journalist. His photos are candid and capture real people in real situations, beautifully. When hes not covering local news, Leddy photographs functions, weddings, portraits and special projects. His Web site and blog, www.brianleddy.com, showcases his newest work.

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Tandy Wedding Portraits  Brian and Dionne Tandy Wedding Portraits

Tandy Wedding  Brian and Dionne Tandy Wedding

Dawn til Dusk 2010  Dawn til Dusk 2010 in Gallup, NM

Whiskey Off Road 2010  Mountain Bike Race in Prescott, Arizona

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo  

24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest  Mountain Bike Race

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